Paul Steele's Testimony

Written by his daughter, Paula Steele


On October 24th 2017 my dad was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. His doctor talked to him about a very aggressive form of chemo, to start immediately. She told him she saw this as a cure for him. She also told him he did himself a favor by being in such great physical shape. We asked every question we could think of. She told him about the side effects of the chemotherapy cocktail she would prescribe for him. 

When we got home I told him there were other options out there and asked him if he would consider talking with my friend Donna about Young Living essential oils and supplements to support his body's ability to be restored to health. He told me if the chemo didn't work he would talk to Donna.

The first PET scan showed a chest full of cancer.  He started chemo on November 13th, 2017. His health quickly declined. He experience all the side effects of the drugs being pumped through his body. Loss of hair, depleted immune system, constipation, loss of appetite, weight loss and memory loss. He was NOT the same person!!! He even spent a week in the hospital because of some of the side effects. 

Half way thru the chemo he had another PET scan that showed very little cancer left in his body. We were very excited. The dr suggested to continue with the chemo except to increase the drug cocktail. That quickly didn't work well for my dad. The side effects took him down even farther. So the dr went back to the original prescription of the chemo drugs.

There were areas of concern, a "different" feeling in his neck, also, the night sweats came back, pain in his back.

After finishing the 18 weeks of chemo he had another PET scan. We just knew the results were going to be "cancer free". But the results were not what we had hoped for. The cancer had SPREAD!!!! The "different" feeling in his neck, CANCER!!! AND multiple areas!!!! SPEECHLESS!!!! 

When we got home I asked him if we could go see Donna. He said, "yes"... A man of his word. ❤

Donna quickly got my dad on a protocol. From the very beginning of the Young living protocol his strength was returning, he was hopeful and encouraged.

The man I have always known was quickly returning. Color back in his cheeks, smile back on his face and the sparkle back in his eyes. 

After 6 months of not being able to even load his wood stove, he was now driving, mowing the lawn and working on his equipment. His energy level was increasing everyday!!!

On June 26th, 2018 he got the results of his last PET scan, CANCER FREE!!!!!